About Us

Hey, this is Jack and I have been writing reviews for 6 years. Over the years, I have indeed helped thousands of people avoid fraud.

This matter made me feel very proud, so I decided to create Ilikefind.com, which is a website that specializes in evaluating various shopping websites.

How do I make money?

Although we only want to help people with kindness from the heart, each of us has bills to pay and family support. In other words, we decided to support this website through affiliate marketing instead of charging you for all the research and information we provide. Therefore, certain links on this website are “affiliate links”. This means that if you click on the link (where you buy the goods), fill out a form or just click on the link, you will usually receive a membership commission.

Please note that some of these ads will be automatically delivered to you via Google adsense. In this case, we have little control over what is shown to you. Some of them will be based on your surfing habits. So this is not our tracking you. This is how the advertising we use works. It will serve you ads based on the websites you have visited and the websites that use cookies to store on your computer. We don’t actually have any personal information about you, so please rest assured.

Sometimes, we personally recommend a company in the content to replace the company we are reviewing. Please rest assured that we have conducted research on the aforementioned companies in the same way that we review other companies on this website. I don’t like nonsense, so I personally would not recommend it to you. This is how we make money right now. Thank you for understanding the need to keep the lights on.

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