A Must-Read Hibbett Review [My Experience]

If you haven’t purchased an item on the Hibbett website? If you’re worried about whether the Hibbett website is legit? Then I suggest you can read this article, I think you will get the answer!

What is Hibbett.com?

Hibbett Sports ( Hibbett.com ) is a sporting goods retailer in Birmingham, Alabama, USA for 77 years.

It has a long history of selling athletic apparel, starting with local school and team apparel. By 1996, Hibbett Sports was listed on the Nasdaq with 96 stores.

In 2017, they launched their e-commerce site Hibbett.com, expanding their clientele.

Hibbett now has about 1,000 stores in 30 U.S. states, which clearly proves they’re real.

Is Hibbett Legit or Scam?

I think Hibbett is legal for the following reasons:

1. The monthly traffic of the website is very large. In March 2022, there were 8.1 million visitors, 6.5 million in April, and 8.7 million in May. If there were so many visitors, if it was an illegal website, I would have been caught long ago. Everyone gave up.

2.The website uses an SSL certificate. Although this certificate is available on almost all websites, it means that your information cannot be stolen by criminals, and your payment information is safe.

3.The domain name of the website was registered in 1996, and it has been 26 years since now, which is a good proof that this website has grown with the Internet.

What is customers reviews of Hibbett ?

I have read the reviews of multiple websites carefully, and here is summary of the customer reviews:

  1. Apply for a refund, but the waiting time is too long, exceeding the time promised by the customer service
  2. Long shipping time, many customers complain that the shipping time exceeds the promised delivery time
  3. Cancel your order. If some products are temporarily out of stock, Hibbett will cancel your paid order without any compensation.
  4. There will be missing goods in the package, and many customers have complained.

For the refund time is too long, we can carefully read Hibbett’s refund policy.

Hibbett Refund Policy

On Hibbett’s official website, I saw that Hibbett claims to provide a refund time of up to 60 days.

But you need to pay attention to a few points:

Hibbett does not accept returns on the following products:

  • Items that have been worn or washed or are not in like-new condition.
  • Certain items are covered by manufacturer’s warranties. Visit our manufacturer’s warranty page to see if your product qualifies.
  • All store purchased products must be returned in-store. This includes items that were purchased in a store and shipped to your home.

How Funds Are Returned

Returns of items purchased in a Hibbett store:

  • If a product(s) qualifies for a refund, the refund will be issued in the same method of payment as the original purchase. Cash will be issued where the original payment was a debit card.
  • If you used a gift card or merchandise card to pay or partially pay for your transaction, please see the “Gift Cards and Merchandise Credits” section below.
  • Please allow up to 14 business days to process your return. Your funds availability depends on the rules of your financial institution, which is usually within 30 days.

We can see that the longest time for the return of funds is 14 days + 30 days = 44 days, which includes Hibbett processing your return, and Financial institution processing the money.

Hibbett Shipping

For many customers complaining that Hibbett shipping takes too long, let’s take a look at its shipping policy.

Hibbett ships packages via UPS or USPS, each package is trackable, and there are three shipping methods.

Standard:Most orders arrive in 3-7 days,(FREE on most orders)

Expedited:Most orders arrive in 2-4 days,($22.99)

Express:Most orders arrive in 1-3 days,($32.99)

We can see that even with the slowest standard shipping method, the order delivery time is 3-7 days, so why do many customers complain that the shipping is too slow?

First of all, there is order processing time, Hibbett needs 1-2 days to process your order;

At the same time, Hibbett’s product inventory is the biggest problem. Some products are out of stock, so when a customer places an order, Hibbett may need to go to the supplier first to purchase;

The last reason is the weather. If bad weather is encountered, the transportation time will be extended.

Hibbett Order Cancle

In response to many customers complaining that their orders were cancelled by Hibbett, we can read Hibbett’s order cancellation policy.

Reason for order cancellation:

1,One of the most common reasons for order cancellations is mismatched billing information. Prior to checkout, be sure to double-check that your billing information exactly matches the card being used to make your purchase.

2,While we strive for accuracy, inventory information may contain errors in relation to product availability, which occasionally results in orders being canceled due to insufficient, or lack of, inventory.

We can find out that Hibbett will take the initiative to cancel your order because the product is out of stock, and there is no compensation for points. This is what makes customers very complaining. Why does Hibbett show them to customers when there are no products in stock?

Summary: Hibbett is a legitimate business with strong strength and thousands of physical stores, but the shopping experience on the Hibbett website is not very satisfactory. There are many problems involved, especially many orders will be cancelled by Hibbett, Therefore, it is recommended that you contact Hibbett’s customer service before purchasing and ask if it is in stock.