Is Scam or Legit? My experience 2022 Update

Now there are many relatively hidden app download websites on the Internet. People use it because they need to download apps, but these websites often have high risks. It may leak your information or even let your money go to waste.

What is opapps?

Opapps homepage
Opapps homepage

opapps is a website that provides various app downloads, including ios apps and android apps. The page of the website looks very simple, and there is no extra place. There is no classification of apps, only a search box to let You can search.

So is it such a simple website, is there any risk in downloading apps from it? Are these apps legit? Read on for my analysis.

How does the opapps website make money?

I clicked on an app on the opapps website to download it, and it prompted me to follow the instructions.

injection required
injection required

I clicked “Start injection” and it immediately jumped to another website,

I clicked “Start injection” and it immediately jumped to another website, and it shows as the picture below, it requires me to click to complete the installation task of more than 2 apps, and these apps don’t seem to be regular, so I stop the next action.

Is Opapps Leigt?

It is an illegal website. When we usually download apps from google play or apple store, do we let us install other apps first?

There is also no contact email, phone number, address, etc. on the opapps website. Its owner must very much wish to hide all his information.

And I saw that the domain name was only registered in 2021, which makes people not believe its authenticity.

What to do if you’ve been scammed?

If you downloaded the app from the opapps website, and then caused your information leakage or money loss, then I suggest that you take a screenshot with your mobile phone, and then you can contact your credit card service provider or paypal service provider and ask them to help you track down Get your money back, and in the end, you may have to go to the police station and ask the police to help you.