Just Fashion Now Review: Legit or Scam? [2022]

Women all around the globe go to Just Fashion Now, a retailer that boasts excellent customer service, incomparable prices, and the latest fashions.

If you’re looking for unique apparel at bargain prices, Just Fashion Now is the place to go.

As far as I’m concerned, the major issue here is whether or not Just Fashion Now’s current fashion designs are of the highest quality. Also, if the goods are available, how much will it cost to purchase them from Just Fashion Now?

As an online shop, does it provide the high-quality services that we’ve come to expect from an online business (such as simple ordering, quick shipping, simple returns and refunds, efficient customer care, etc.)? First and foremost, is Just Fashion Now a reputable business or just another online scam?

What is Just Fashion Now?

One of the many Chinese-based, international fashion retailers, Just Fashion Now is a subsidiary of CHICV International Holding Limited. Designer boutique quality fashions are available at Just Fashion Now. With the help of rising designers and businesses from throughout the globe, it states that it offers collections of unique, fashionable and high-quality apparel.

There is an emphasis on product quality control as well as keeping up with the most recent fashion trends. Just Fashion Now, on the other hand, has no doubts about its ability to speak the walk. Since late 2016, it seems that the firm has been in business. What has it been able to accomplish? Is it able to walk the talk? Continue reading to learn more.

Is Just Fashion Now legit?

The brand features a wide range of apparel, from daily wear to formal attire to club wear.

There are eight distinct categories of apparel in Just Fashion Now. If you want to remain up to date on the newest items and trends, they offer a new product category and flash sale category.

It’s a good idea to verify the legitimacy of any online platform before completing a purchase, given the number of scams perpetrated on the internet. So, the main issue is: Is Just Fashion Now a real business? That’s a simple answer: yes.

If we’re unsure about anything, we run it by our first line of defense: Scams are less likely to operate in shops that are compliant with all applicable laws. Just Fashion Now seems to be trying to hide the fact that it is a wholly owned subsidiary of CHICV International Holding Limited. Despite the fact that the firm is a Hong Kong-registered one, it is the umbrella organization for a number of distinct brands. There’s no denying that this business is entirely lawful.

Online fashion stores must pass a fitness for purpose test before they can be considered legitimate. This isn’t just about completing orders; it’s about completing orders with items that work. Just Fashion Now comes close to fulfilling this need.

It’s clear Just Fashion Now delivers on its promises. You will almost certainly get your order if you put it in the shop. If you don’t get it, you’re the odd one out, not the rule. In addition, several consumers who left evaluations said they were happy with their purchases. Fit for purpose” signifies that Just Fashion Now fulfills orders with actual, practical items.

There are several concerns about Just Fashion Now in this review’s complaint section. Some people have branded it a hoax because of these and other difficulties. Despite this, we do not consider Just Fashion Store to be a fraud. There are some serious flaws with the site, but it’s a legitimate online fashion retailer that might need some work.

Just Fashion Now Shipping

It is possible to compute delivery estimates by taking your order processing time and adding the delivery time depending on the shipping type that you pick.

Ordering a dress takes 4-7 business days to process, and 7-12 business days to deliver if you choose the Postal Expedited delivery option.

Within 11-19 business days, you can expect to receive your order.

In 8-14 business days, if you pick express shipping (4-7 business days), or in 14-27 business days, if you choose postal service, you may expect to get your package (10 to 20 working days).

Just Fashion Now Payment Methods

Paying for your purchases online should be as simple as possible. Consequently, a good online shop should include a variety of payment options.

This is where Just Fashion Now shines. PayPal, credit cards (Master Card, Visa, Discover Card, etc.), and wire transfer are all acceptable methods of payment for your purchase. We’ve made it easy to pay for your Just Fashion Now purchases, regardless of where you live.

Just Fashion Now Return

The popularity of online shopping has not been universally accepted, and one of the most often cited reasons is that online buyers may not be completely happy with their purchases when they arrive. This is unquestionably a legitimate issue. Because of this, only online retailers that enable consumers to exchange or refund an item if they aren’t satisfied with it are seen favorably by customers like you. At Just Fashion Now, we’re happy to report that you may return items for a refund or an exchange.

Just Fashion Now consumer reviews

Just Fashion Now has received a rating of 2 out of 5 stars from 3234 TrustPilot ratings (for the French version of the site the rating is 1 star out of 5).

The vast majority of Just Fashion Now customer reviews are critical of the quality, color difference, returns and refunds, and the general quality of the items that they purchased from the company.