Five Pants that you should know in shein

We all know that Shein’s skirts and dresses are very fashionable, but do you ever thought about buying pants from Shein?How about shein pants quality? Let’s look at five different styles pants reviews in shein.

1,Floral Print Striped Skinny Leggings $13

They have an athletic material, not cotton, so it doesn’t feel like they’re going to rip (like most cotton leggings). Nice and form fitting.The material is thin but not see’s comfortable to workout wearing it.

2,Color Block Tape Side Slit Pants $23

Hmm… loose fitting. it’s a very stylish pair of pants though. Nice quality. They are nicely made. Good for for movies and it for you to dinner piece.

3,Contrast Snap Button Side Culotte Pants $27

This trouser shape is very fashionable, if you love it and you will love it if you don’t love it, you will think it is so ugly. At the trousers split ends, it is not a very slim pants, but if your legs are long, it will make you look very thin.

4,Faux Leather Ankle Leggings $15

This leggings perfect for autumn or spring, maybe winter still good as inside is cotton, very comft, won’t get incy tho, over all the material is very good. the hips design very nice, it won’t drop down, as normlly legging always do. also, it show your body shape very well. Sexy Leather look but comfy warm Fabric as lining inside makes it very easy to wear thru the day. Nice add to your wardrobe to up the oomph factor!

5,SHEIN Mesh Insert Skinny Leggings $12

Was pleasantly surprised by these leggings. The fabric is good, not thin or flimsy at all. Material is stretchy, mesh it well sewn in, fit is great. you can paired the leggings with a Shein top and absolutely love the outfit for a good fall/winter work out . The only advice I’ll give is don’t wear bright colored underwear. That’s the only time u can see thru them but as long as you stick to like neutral, gray or black underwear you are golden!





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