A 100% Honest Pixie Closet Review | Is Pixie Closet A Scam?

About pixie closet

Pixie Closet is an international e-commerce website registered in Singapore with operations in continental US. Stay connected and join us as we continue to grow!

pixie closet is a website that specializes in selling all kinds of shoes. The main product is Orthopedic Shoes. There are hundreds of very fashionable Orthopedic Shoes on the pixie closet website.

In fact, it not only has shoes products, but also various products such as Backpack Bag, Garden Tools, Clothing and so on.

What We Love About pixie closet

– Orthopedic Shoes are durable, thoughtfully detailed, precisely engineered and so worth the price!

– Many shoes made by Italian leather sandals,these are just as comfortable but way more stylish

-Orthopedic Shoes Surprisingly it did seem to lessen the strain of your feets, less pain after a long day at work.

Pixie closet Reviews: Is Pixie Closet A Scam

In order to be able to check whether Pixiecloset.com is a scam or a reliable Internet site, we conducted extensive investigations on the site.

1. pixiecloset.com has been established for a relatively short time. We found that it was a domain name purchased on November 3, 2020 by querying the domain name.

2. pixiecloset.com uses an SSL security certificate, which shows that users do not have to worry about information being stolen.

3. Pixiecloset.com has a relatively large number of monthly visitors. Last month, there were about 270,000 visitors, which explains the popularity of the site to a certain extent.

4. We focused on checking the comments left by many users on the Internet. More than 80% of users gave poor comments, such as:

Customer 1:My 91 year old mother purchased two pairs of shoes. They were very small for her normal size. She emailed them right away as they have strict rules and timing for returns. They offered her 15% back! What? What company doesn’t offer full refunds for products that don’t fit? They also offered 20% off a future purchase. That won’t happen. Do NOT buy from this company that takes advantage of customers. This is awful!

Customer 2:Shoes have hard impact under heels. Upper soles should fit smoothly, but are weirdly bunched up. The SEND button does not even work for attempts to reach Pixie Cliset about returns! PC only accepts damaged or faulty shoes (Ha! You cant even reach them to file a complaint.) Very brief return window. Company has NO IDENTIFYING printed material on shipping label, and no printed info inside shipping bag. Coincidence? I think not. Entire experience was sneaky, shoddy business.

Customer 3:My advice is keep shopping. I ordered 4 x-large bras. I had a feeling they might be small, coming from China. Normally I wear a 38 C. Not an xtra large woman by any means.The bras came and were so tiny they might have fit a little girl. They pretend to have a refund/return policy. Turns out that only applies if they sent the wrong size or it is defective. The slap in the face is, they offer you 20% off to order more of their inaccurately sized products. Also note the difficulty in viewing the “size chart”.

So, in the final conclusion, I do not recommend that you place an order on the pixie closet website.


1, WHERE Does pixie closet SHIP FROM?

Pixie Closet works closely with global manufacturers and hand-craft workshop from all over the world to source and curates the trendiest products at the best possible price. 


2,What is pixie closet REFUND POLICY?

Pixie closet only accept cancelation requests within 6 hours from the placing time. Every cancellation request which is raised later than 6 hours from the purchasing time will not be accepted.

However, please be well-informed that if you cancel order, 30% of your total order value should be charged for the cancellation because we need to pay for management, processing, and transaction fee on Paypal.