6 Pairs Of Shoes So Unique in Shein , They’ll Make Your Whole Outfit

Are you looking for unique shoes that make you look different, and today we’ll bring them to you , 6 Pairs Of Shoes So Unique in Shein , They’ll Make Your Whole Outfit.

1.Black Point Toe Bow Detail Slip On Flats $32

It have a true designer look. I think the bow is actually slightly bigger than it looks on the photo. Like other reviewers please report to the supplier to check the reason for the funny smell – but it will get off once you wear them for a while.

2.Black Pearl Studded Patent Leather Low Heel Loafers  $34


These shoes are so unique and adorable! The pearl details have a realistic look, and the shoes themselves are roomy. They look adorable with jeans and skirts.

3. Black Snake Embroidered PU Fur Trim Loafer Slippers $35

They’re a great dupe for the gucci princetown, look great, are super comfortable and you will also pleasantly surprised by the quality you get for this price. The only thing that has been a little annoying to deal with is that they come smelling like gas or petrol or something in those lines and it takes a while to get it out.

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4.Two Part Block Heeled Sandals $31

You will like the style of the shoes and love how theres a clip with the buckle which actually makes it so easy to wear it. See pictures to understand. However its not a very sturdy material but the overall look is great. The straps are a bit confusing when you first try on the shoe but they actually work great and are easy to put on and take off , no fidgeting with the strap needed which you love.

5.Clear Ankle Strap Peep Toe Heeled Sandals $32

These sandals are okay, could have been better. Mayt back straps on of the sandals aren’t shaped well and stick out after closing the buckle. This also makes the sandal uncomfortable. Overall the clear straps aren’t too soft, so they might dig into your skin and leave blisters. They be worn with a casual dress or jeans. you will received several compliments.

6.Black Velvet Fur Lined Loafer Slippers $33


Fur is real rabbit- so soft and warm!
They look exactly like the gucci. So soft, amazing quality too! The only thing, is the smell when you first get it, but after couple of days its gone.The velvet isnt crushed velvet it does have a subtle texture to it. The gold-tone hardware is descent however up close you can see the jagged edging a bit. The fur is SUPER soft! It feels like authentic rabbit fur.