Where is zaful located?


Where is zaful located?

ZAFUL is a Chinese e-commerce brand website and it is located in China,which has become very popular among young people in Europe and America in recent years.

ZAFUL was officially launched at the end of 2014 as a fashion cross-border e-commerce brand, focusing on the European and American markets, and achieved good results. As of the end of 2018, according to the annual report of ZAFUL’s parent company Gearbest, it already has more than 20 million registered users, with an average monthly active users of 27.4 million, and covers consumers in more than 180 countries through cross-border e-commerce platforms.

Start with an inexpensive swimsuit

ZAFUL initially chose the subdivision category of Internet swimwear as a breakthrough. At present, ZAFUL ranks first in the export category of swimwear in China, and has successfully occupied the minds of the audience. This category has four major advantages.

First, swimwear is a fast-growing market, especially for European and American female consumers who love vacations, the replacement cycle of swimwear is getting shorter and shorter, and the demand for trends and personalized styles is increasing. They like to try New products.

Another big advantage is that swimwear is a high-margin commodity, and its freight and production costs are relatively low.

Third, the swimsuit has a very high exposure on instagram and YouTube, and zaful found a lot of influencers to promote their products, which allowed zaful to quickly enter the eyes of consumers.

Powerful product design and update:

Like ZARA, ZAFUL is positioned as fast fashion. ZAFUL focuses on young women between the ages of 18-28. It is very good at using big data to launch high-quality and low-priced products, which is the most important reason for zaful’s success.

ZAFUL employs very designers and buyers. These employees often go to different places in the world to find fashionable clothes and then redesign them.

For example, the summer 2018 special model is a “reference” to the latest trends in New York Fashion Week. In 2017, it was inspired by Arab Fashion Week to launch a women’s style that fits the Middle East market.

According to zaful’s official website, its independent design accounts for more than 80%. ZAFUL’s new products only take 1-2 weeks from design to shelf on average, and guarantee daily updates of 50-100 models.

Finally, relying on Chinese factories and exports (70% of the world’s swimwear exports come from China, the main production site is Liaoning Huludao), ZAFUL gradually has the supply chain and price advantages, coupled with the ability to quickly update products, quickly penetrate the European and American young markets.

where is zaful shipped from?

zaful currently does not provide overseas warehouses, all goods are shipped from China, but zaful provides fast Mode of transport, such as EMS, DHL, UPS, etc., all in general, 3-10 days, you can receive the goods.

The delivery time of zaful

After the customer places an order, zaful will spend 3-7 days to process your order (if it encounters a holiday, it may take 5-10 days).

In terms of transportation, zaful generally provides two shipping methods, standard shipping, Express transportation.

Imitate by transportation to the United States:

Standard transportation: It usually takes 6-8 days to reach the United States,

Orders between $0.00-$28.99, $14.00 postage
Orders between $29.00-$58.99, $8.00 postage
Orders between $59.00-$78.99, $4.00 postage
Free shipping on orders over $79.00

Express transportation: It usually takes 3-7 days to reach the United States,

Postage between $0.00-$28.99, $45.00
Orders between $29.00-$58.99, $35.00
Postage between $59.00-$78.99, $25.00
Orders between $79.00-$128.99, $20.00 postage
Free shipping on orders over $129.00